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U.A.E's Trusted Supplier Since 1992

Leading LG A/C Parts Supplier In The Region

U.A.E's Trusted Supplier Since 1992

Top Brands

We stock brands such as LG, Honeywell and others and ensure the highest quality products at great value. The years of experience of our team ensures that our product range remains the best in the market.

Comprehensive Product Range

Our product range takes care of all your HVAC needs, from AC & Refrigeration Compressors to Refrigerants, Thermostats, Coils, High Quality Tools and other supplies.

Exceptional service

Our Customer Service team ensures that all of your needs are taken care of including short turn around times, great prices and supply chain management. We want to build long lasting relationships and that is why we are a preferred partner for Facilities Management Companies.

We deliver some great products

AC Compressors

Branded Air conditioner compressors such as Copeland, Bristol, Danfoss,LG & Mitsubishi.

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AC Fan Motors

We supply premium fan motors at great prices including Siripat.Our products have been tested to ensure durability.

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AC Thermostat & Actuator Valves

We have all Air conditioner Controls & thermostat, Danfoss Expansion Valves, Actuators Valves Honeywell, Relays, etc.

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Air Conditioner Refrigerant Gases

Branded Refrigerant gases like Honeywell Genetron USA, Briton UK, Harp Uk, Refrix Italy, Forane France, Dupont USA, etc.

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HVAC Copper Tubes & Copper Pipe Coils

We are dealers & distributors of major Brands Copper Coils Maksal South Africa, Mueller USA, Klima Korea, Etihad Korea.

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HVAC Tools & Measuring Devices

All well known brands of air conditioning & refrigeration tools and measuring devices are available at our store.

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We stock the best capacitors which will last you longer than our competitors’ products.

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Other AC Supplies

We also stock filter driers, contactors and other components and parts that you would need.

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Great brands under one roof

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